We're a small store June 22 2023

We're a small store and take pride in creating new products each season and also keeping stock of the classics for all Salmonbellies fans.  We try our best to reduce waste by creating small runs of our products, as well as using local printers, embroiderers & employees.  Our store in Queens Park Arena is run by a small group of family, friends, and some valuable young people who love lacrosse, play lacrosse themselves, or just love being involved in their community. 

For these reasons above, sometimes we run out of stock, and sometimes, especially during lacrosse season we can take up to 2 weeks to re stock inventory and fill your orders. 

Maybe one day we will be Amazon fast, but for now, we are only open 1x a week to pick orders (Thursday nights)  and we appreciate your understanding and patience as we aim to get you your products as fast as we can, and in our high standards of materials and decoration. 


Go Bellies !!!