"Missing Lacrosse" T-Shirt


We are now accepting our final round of orders that will be open until May 29th. Printing will take place the week of June 1st, and deliveries will begin on June 8th.

With no definitive end to our current global situation, we are saddened to not be able to know when we will be able to watch a lacrosse season again. Do you think lacrosse season is missing us too?

We have come up with these new T-Shirts to let everyone around us know that we are missing lacrosse season. However as much as we miss lacrosse, we know that suspending it from our current lives is the right thing to do for our communities, our country, and the entire world. But keep playing in the back yard!

We at the Salmonbellies Store, however, don't feel that it is appropriate to try to earn a profit off of a global pandemic. And that is why the profits of these shirts will be donated to one of two charities (you get to choose!).

The New Westminster Senior's Services Society will be accepting our donations, and will use them to provide grocery and meal deliveries to seniors in our community that are unable to safely leave their homes at this time.

Alternatively, KidSport is an organization that provides children the opportunity to play organized sports who otherwise would not have the opportunity to do so due to affordability, accessibility or other reasons. They will accept our donations in order to provide these opportunities when the world of organized sports returns to our lives.

If the minimum amount of shirts is ordered, we will be able to donate $5 per shirt to your selected charity. However the more shirts ordered, the greater the profits will be, and we will be able to donate even more. So please share this with anyone you can think of that may be missing lacrosse, or simply would just like to participate in a fundraiser for a great cause.

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